Hello, my name is Love.


I work commercially as an artist, curator and travel ambassador.

But I have also meditated for many years, and traveled across the globe from the west to the far east to learn from a myriad of inspiring teachers and mentors — from shamans to TED speakers, from Native American Chiefs to nutritionists, from book authors and creators, to nuns and gurus, horse yogis and even the Zen masters known as little children.

As a New Yorker, there's a very practical side of me that wanted to study the actual body science of different forms of meditation. I found through my own practice, how that they can all be deconstructed from cultural context and symbolism, and still provide the mental and physical benefits that is accessible to everyone.

For the last three years, I've been teaching my style of meditation around the globe, a hybrid technique which focuses on regulating body chemistry. Your body wants to be in a state of balance, and dis-ease means to feel not at ease.

Let me help empower you, by giving you simple tools through meditation and counseling to shift your thoughts, change your body chemistry, and begin to feel more free.



My mission in teaching meditation is simply to help ease human suffering around the world.

Every person deserves relief from anger, fear, jealousy, stress and pain, if even just for a few moments every day.

I wish to share all that I know in learning how to alleviate my own suffering to teach others how to do the same.



This is my current teaching & speaking schedule:

  • August 2016, I will be teaching meditation at the West Tisbury Library for the Summer of 2016. Please check the Library Website for schedule.
  • Fall 2016, I will also be teaching meditation in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Las Vegas in the Fall
  • Winter 2016, Manila (Philippines) and India this February.

Please reach out if you would like more information on any of these events.

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